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Dark Stiches Voodoo Doll Emporium
Dark Stitch by KitlynSolstice

Hello And Welcome to My Emporium! I'm Dark Stitch and i am the creator of your Wonderful Voodoo Dolls, You say you need to Give a Special Somepony a Gift? Why not give them one of my Custom made dolls They aren't Just For hexing anyone Now a Days. A Group of Twelve Voodoo Dolls will Cost you 100 Bits [100 :points: ] Or you can Buy a Single One for a Discussed Price, Customs that are extremely Detailed will cost though, As My Imporiam grows I shall think about Making other products for all your Voodoo Needs.

Dark Wishes My Darklings.
Custom Cub Sheets
Cubbie adoptsheet 3 Closed by KitlynSolstice
Cubbie adopt sheet 1 Closed by KitlynSolstice
Cubbie adoptsheet 5 by KitlynSolstice
Cubbie adoptsheet 2 closed by KitlynSolstice
Cubbie adoptsheet 4 Closed by KitlynSolstice
Cubbie AdoptSheet 6 by KitlynSolstice
You Can Pay using this or My Donations pool for a Sheet of Custom Cubs, this can also be used for a Custom Breedable between two of your Lions or two of Mine or One of each of ours. Its fifty points Per sheet. Note me For more information.
Custom Lion/Lioness
Custom Lion For LillithCrescent by KitlynSolstice
Custom For oCrystal by KitlynSolstice
Lioness For Jpomp by KitlynSolstice
This Commission Widget setting is if you'd like to order a Custom lion or Lioness from me. They cost 50 points, you either use the button on this to send payment or you can send it dirrectly to My Donation pool on the right hand side of my profile. Note me For more information. I will be using Free to use Bases Or Bases i've purchased the right to use.
Custom Ponies.
Alpine Flurry (Closed) Winner GlitterQuark by KitlynSolstice
Strawberry Mousse by KitlynSolstice
Toxic Whooves by KitlynSolstice
Earth Pony Trade for @GlitteryPony by KitlynSolstice
Pegusus For @GlitteryPony by KitlynSolstice
Custom For Dark-Spirits by KitlynSolstice
I will Make Custom ponies for People using Free to use and Paid to use Bases[That Allow it]! Please Link me the base you wish me to use. If it Says it can't be used for Point Adopts or Money Adopts your custom will be done for free. Please do not take advantage of this
Custom Adoptables Using p2u and f2u Lineart
Crymsin by KitlynSolstice
Pumkinality [duality] by KitlynSolstice
Water Themed Wolf Adopt by KitlynSolstice
Calypso{Closed} by KitlynSolstice
Custom Adopts Using Free to use Linearts as well as Paid to use linearts.
Tattoo Designs
Ribbon Bow Tattoo Design by KitlynSolstice
 Please Provide All Details and Referance Images for your tattoo Design i will do My best to make it what you want. If its not to your liking i will edit until it is. Above is a Recent example of a Design i did for someone.
Traditional Commissions
Wolf And Mouse WiP by KitlynSolstice
Virburstawk by KitlynSolstice
You can use this to Commission me for Traditional Character Commissions, I'm still getting better at drawing but feel free to Note me for Information on what i can and can't do.

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KitlynSolstice has started a donation pool!
469 / 100,000
Please feel free to donate and Also use this to pay for adoptables[if purchase button isn't used].


DB: Ship War Free Zone 2of2 by DarkJediPrincess

.:request:. FlutterMac Stamp by schwarzekatze4REQUEST:  CaramelApple Stamp by inkypaws-productions.SoarinDash. by Mn27MLP - Spike x Rarity Stamp by Pippa6100FlashLight Fan Stamp by TwiinyanREQUEST: OctaviaxDJ P0n3 Stamp by inkypaws-productionsCheesePie Stamp by DemonKaizoku

Fruit Bloom: Gift by Kuro-CreationsBloom Blink by MaddiKitten
Sebestyen My Fruit bloom!
For KitlynSolstice by Mysterious-Lil-Lady
Palette by Mysterious-Lil-Lady……

Skype: GemSKnyte [Feel free to add just tell me your DA Name
Fenniken chibi( free  use for pages  ) by Xalisha-light-azureX

:thumb383365630:Pegasister Stamp by SunnStampBrony Music Stamp (Vinyl Scratch) by McNikkPeacock Silhoette(rainbow) by PrePAWSterous


Hedgehog Stamp by Super-HedgehogWolf At Heart Stamp by Thunder113377:thumb290238788:LeonxAshley by QuidxProxQuoAerith :: Stamp by SaphitriAerith Stamp by Seryia:thumb103613503:Fave and Run Stamp by StampsbyJenGirl Gamer Stamp by Eisoptrophobicstamp :: cat lover by octobre-rougeI was made in the 80's by Adro-stampsSave the Tiger Stamp by HeWhoWalksWithTigers.:: Howling Is Fun ::. by loneantarcticwolfSpirit of the Wolf by Rtalon235Protected by Werewolves stamp by purgatoriWerewolfs are my best friends by ClozaWOLF SPIRIT Stamp - Gravarg by WolfSpiritsShe Wolf Stamp by GoldenwolfWolf Woman Stamp by GoldenwolfArt is Stamp by ultravioletbatMutt Love Stamp by cloudratCoyote Love by faery-dustgirlI Respect All Art Stamp Revamp by Sinister-Starfeesh:thumb26685327:Stamp - Shut up and Draw by CelesJessacupcake stamp by Fire-FelineBollywood stamp by BellatrixBlackSnapeRavens Stamp by sequelleBears Are Love Stamp by Karasu-no-YamiWolf Stamp by barefootphotosI Still Believe - stamp by CupcakeCarnageGirlI Fav Stamps When I'm Bored by The-Art-GodessHelp my stamp please? by Indigo-AkelaShowers Stamp by NaryuFirefly Stamp by halofarmWTA Stamp by TacimurJay and Silent Bob Dance Stamp by blakeg14Hug a Tree Stamp v2 by HippieKenderHippie at heart stamp by deviantStampsOkami stamp by BoarfeathersUncute werewolf stamp by NefermeritasetWerewolf Stamp by ViergachtPancakes Stamp by Some-Punk-Next-DoorWerewolf Princess Stamp by GoldenwolfVan Helsing Werewolf Stamp by sugarpoultryI'm a Werewolf by WearwolfaaKeep the WOLF in Werewolf by sugarpoultryWerewolf Stamp by Pesonal-VendettaWOLF Stamp by JunryouOkamiI Love Nature by WearwolfaaWerewolf Stamp by PsychoMonkeyShogunAgainst Alaskan Wolf Slaughter by Karakasfriends STAMP by peterdzignSaperlipop's Stamp by SolitairemilesArtists for Animals Stamp by ArtistsforAnimalsSave The Wolves Stamp by ValentineRainWild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Stamp by dakaziFor a Cleaner Anthro Gallery by savagebinnsnow leopard l o v e by A-jeanenvironment stamp by environmentSushi Love Stamp by chikaex0tica.:: Howl At The Moon STAMP ::. by KovoWolfPositive Thinking Stamp by cjqueen76:thumb132771070:I Love Dogs Stamp by The-FairywitchWild Child Stamp by doublelunar-stockDaily... by prosaix

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KitlynSolstice's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Current Residence: Fort Pierce FL
Favourite genre of music: Psychopathic Reccords lol
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Wallpaper of choice: Aerith And Zack
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic The HedgeHog
Personal Quote: "I'm Not Her...I'm Not Your Ex...I'm Me I'm Someone Completely Different."


28 deviations
"A New Home"
Urdnot grunt was wandering around his new cage as red eyes looked around for his owner, he could see Suki in the kitchen preparing his bowl of dinner as well as her own. This made the young albino rat bounce around his cage as he jumped in his wheel and began running happily. He was already bruxing and boggling and suki had yet to give him his dinner and treats. He was happily running in his dark green wheel as his glass water bottle hung secured on his double level cage, he Brown soft paper bedding coating the bottom of his cage as he hopped off his wheel as he heard his owners boots tapping against the tiled floor as she came towards his cage. As the cage door open and his owner placed his bowl in the cage he began giving her love and kisses along her hand before suki reached in and took him out for a bit. He scurried up her shoulder and began riding around as she cleaned up the living room. He loved traveling with his owner as she worked around the house. Before long he hopped down and onto a desk nearby his cage and made his way back into his cage to eat his dinner. Suki trusted him and would leave his cage open for him to wander around and explore. The other animals who owned suki lay in their respective areas of the living room playing or sleeping as he watched suki sit on the couch to watch cartoons, which he Urdnot grunt watched as he to, ate his dinner. He was happy in his new home and happily curled up to watch TV on his level after eating his dinner before drifting off to sleep to the sound of Lilo and stitch playing in the background.
Weekly Prompt - A New Home
Word Count According to microsoft word - 308 Including the words "A New Home"

Word Count According to - 305 Not Including the Words "A New Home"

Weekly Prompt For :iconrat-arpg:
Suki Hearts by KitlynSolstice
Suki Hearts

Full name: Suki Hearts

Nickname: Su

Gender: Female

Birthday: November 2nd

Sexuality: Pansexual

City or town of birth: 

Currently lives: 

Languages spoken: Japanese [Learning], English

Native language: English

Relationship Status: Taken

Relationship Status : Single


Height: Average

Weight: Chubby

Figure/build: Plus Size

Hair color: Light Teal

Hairstyle: Pigtails 

Eye color: blue

Tattoos: None

Piercings: None

Frequently worn jewelry: None


Smoker? No

Drinker? No

Drug User? Which? None

Addictions: None

Allergies: Eggplant, Fleas

Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: Extremely sensitive skin

Any medication regularly taken: Ointment, Lotion, Daily Pills.


Personality(+) Friendly, cheerful, hard worker

Personality(-) Sensitive, easily flustered

Likes: Outdoors, nature, fruits, candy, anything sweet, soft stuff animals

Dislikes: closed places, getting sick.


Favorite color: blue

Hobbies: Making jewelry

Taste in music: Country, pop music, rock, alternative, underground



Describe the character's house/home: A Two bedroom Condo where she lives with her pets

Significant/special belongings: a Stuffed Bunny made by a friend in Australia


Parents: Unknown

Are parents alive or dead? Unknown

Is the character still in contact with their parents? Rarely

Siblings? Relationship with siblings? Only Child

Other Important Relatives: None

Children: None

Best Friend: None

Other Important Friends: 

Pets:  Urdnot Grunt [

Enemies? Why are they enemies? None

Suki Hearts (C) KitlynSolstice 

Design/Art By oCrystal 

Info Template By MadSheepKing and CompassRoses for the info Template 
Bulbasaur Ralf ~ Bulbasaur ~ M ~ 1 ~ No Reference
Snorunt Icia ~ Snorunt ~ F ~ 1 ~ Icia Reference by KitlynSolstice ~ Shiny
Igglybuff Ziggy ~ Igglybuff  ~ M ~ 64 ~No Reference
Female Rattata Sprite Tali'Zorah ~ Rattata ~ F ~ 28 ~ No Reference

Paras  Shroomy ~ Paras ~ F ~ 15 ~ No Reference
FREE Bouncy Poochyena Icon by Kattling  Zombie ~ Poochyena ~ M ~ 90 ~ No Reference
Deino by CreepyJellyfish   Chomper ~ Deino ~ F ~ 39 ~ From Clutch   Pokemon-ARPG CLUTCH Thorn-Closed by oCrystal  ~ No Reference
Azurill     Tidepawz ~ Azurill ~ M ~ 45 ~ Appeal 24 - From Clutch .:Water Clutch, OPEN:. by ToBiSeh ~ No Reference
Ditto   Mimic ~ Ditto ~ M
 ~ 1 ~ No Reference
Magby by CreepyJellyfish  Blaze ~ Magby ~ M ~ 1 ~  No Reference
Fennekin by CreepyJellyfish Anubis ~ Fennekin ~ M - 100 ~ No Reference
Gastly by CreepyJellyfish Spectre ~ Gastly ~ M ~ 100 ~ No Reference
Fennekin by CreepyJellyfish/Beautifly by CreepyJellyfish Fae ~ F ~ 100 ~ -PARPG- Fae and Faer Ref by Biosharp Hybrid
Riolu by CreepyJellyfish Spencer ~ Riolu ~ M ~ 1 ~ No Reference
Tepig by CreepyJellyfish Carl ~ Tepig ~ M ~ 1 ~ PARPG:Carl reff by Maple467
Growlithe by CreepyJellyfish Arson ~ Growlithe ~ M ~ 82 ~ No Reference
Togepi by CreepyJellyfish Unnamed ~ Togepi ~ M ~ 1 No Reference

[Note: Poochyena Icon (C) Kattling ]
  • Listening to: Criminal Minds
  • Watching: Criminal Minds
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Soda


Please Master... by katze-des-grauens

I am Giving every section 5 stars because this hit me in the Very Core, i know what its like to be in a similar position <3 I find your...

Flutterchii by Template93

I think this image was awesomely done. I watched the you-tube video of it and enjoyed it greatly i think the vision and impact and orig...

Lazy by LovelyKouga

For a School Project i think this is Absolutely Awesome, I Love the look on his face he looks Relax Yet Bored which gives him that lazy...

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